Expert Witness Services

HFI provides the legal and insurance sectors with Expert Witness services in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy for claimants and defendants in both civil and criminal litigation.


HFI takes pride in providing impartial, objective, well researched, accurate and reliable advice that is clear and concise and which is presented in a manner that can be understood by a non-technical audience.

HFI is fully conversant with the relevant parts of both the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and the Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR) and has considerable experience of the Expert Witness process from start to finish.


Conducting scene inspections and detailed laboratory examinations, including joint inspections.

Undertaking reconstructions and testing, including bespoke testing and joint testing with other experts.

Acting as a Single Joint Expert (SJE).

Attending conferences with Counsel.

Preparing confidential, initial briefing reports for instructing solicitors.

Familiarity with relevant regulations, standards and guidance.

Identifying, reviewing and interpreting relevant British, European and International standards.

Preparing CPR and CrimPR compliant reports for the court.

Critically and objectively reviewing the reports of other experts.

Attending expert meetings and preparing experts’ joint statements.

Attending mediations and arbitrations.

Attending court and providing oral expert witness testimony.