Personal Injury & Workplace Accidents

HFI applies its expertise in Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy to the independent and impartial investigation of a wide variety of accidents that result in personal injury, whether they be in the home, workplace or elsewhere.


We are instructed by both Claimant and Defendant solicitors and insurers and our focus is usually on establishing the facts so that policy and civil liability can be determined.

We routinely conduct investigations and prepare expert reports for the court in civil claims that might result in giving oral expert witness evidence.

HFI tailors its investigations to the client’s requirements and offers a range of reporting options from brief, preliminary appraisal reports to detailed court reports.

We also routinely investigate accidents that are, or may become, HSE or Local Authority prosecutions (see the HSE Investigation service page for more information).


Accidents involving the use of hand tools, power tools, wood working and metal working machinery.

Accidents resulting from falls from ladders, elevated walkways, vehicle cabs and scaffolding.

Accidents involving industrial machinery, for example due to inadequate guarding or unsafe systems of work.

Accidents arising from lifting operations and machinery movement operations.

Accidents involving construction and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Accidents in the home due to scalding or involving domestic appliances such as washing machines.

Accidents involving playground equipment and toys.

Accidents involving bicycles of all types.