Mechanical Engineering

HFI applies its Mechanical Engineering expertise to the investigation of a wide range of incidents and failures across a wide variety of industries; this includes engineering investigations into product liability claims.


Many of our Mechanical Engineering investigations result from the failure of, or damage to, components, equipment, machinery or structures that have given rise to an insurance claim.

Our Mechanical Engineering investigations are conducted primarily to determine the root cause, often to assist insurers in making decisions about policy liability and recovery.

We also routinely conduct Mechanical Engineering investigations and prepare expert reports for the court in civil claims that might result in providing oral expert witness evidence.

HFI tailors its investigations to the client’s requirements and offers a range of reporting options from brief, preliminary appraisal reports to detailed court reports.


The explosive failure of pressurised containers, tanks and vessels, e.g. gas cylinders, gas storage tanks, water heaters and boilers.

The collapse or overturning of static structures and static equipment/machinery, e.g. storage silos, warehouse racking, scaffold towers and tower cranes.

The collapse or overturning of mobile plant and machinery, e.g.  mobile cranes, mobile elevated work platforms, excavators, forklift trucks, telehandlers and site dumpers.

Failures and incidents involving lifting operations, lifting machinery and lifting equipment.

Failures and incidents involving industrial machinery, e.g. power presses, conveyors, agricultural machines and woodworking machines.

Failures and incidents involving equipment, e.g. pumps, valves, gearboxes, scaffolding, ladders and jacks.