HSE Investigations

HFI has substantial experience in the independent and impartial investigation of fatal and serious workplace accidents that are, or may become, HSE or Local Authority prosecution cases.


We undertake such investigations as an Expert Witness for defendant solicitors and insurers, and we are fully familiar with all stages of the process.

  • Attending initial scene inspections with the HSE.
  • Examining retained evidence, often at the Health & Safety Laboratory in Buxton.
  • Preparing initial briefing reports for Defendant solicitors.
  • Preparing reports for the Coroner’s Court.
  • Preparing Criminal Procedure Rule (CrimPR) compliant reports for the court.
  • Conducting objective, critical reviews of HSE engineering evidence.
  • Attending expert meetings and preparing experts’ joint statements.
  • Attending court and providing oral Expert Witness testimony.


Fatal crushing accident involving the tail-lift on a delivery vehicle.

Fatal accident arising from the sudden failure of a multi-piece wheel during tyre inflation.

Arm amputation injury as a result of an operator being crushed by a hydraulic press brake.

Foot amputation injury to a member of the public whilst using an escalator in a shopping mall.

Fatal accident in a large clothes distribution warehouse that involved an automated clothes stacker machine.

Fatal accident that occurred when an operative fell whilst descending a maintenance ladder within a wind turbine tower.

Fatal accident resulting from an operative falling into a machine used for crushing bales of plastic bottles.

Fatal accident when a telehandler machine overturned.

Fatal accident resulting from an operative becoming trapped inside an industrial oven.