Escapes of Water, Oil & Fluids

HFI has extensive experience in the investigation of escapes of water, oil, gas and other fluids in commercial, industrial and residential settings.


Principal Investigator, Miles Hammersley, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering and has been investigating escapes of water, oil, gas and other fluids since 1997.

HFI can undertake a scene inspection, can be sent physical evidence to examine in its laboratory or can examine such evidence elsewhere.

We have in-house facilities for conducting microscopic examinations and for undertaking bespoke testing.

We routinely undertake investigations to determine the root cause of an escape, often to assist insurers in making decisions about policy liability and recovery.

We also routinely conduct investigations and prepare expert reports for the court in civil claims that might result in giving oral expert witness evidence.

HFI tailors its investigations to the client’s requirements and offers a range of reporting options from brief, preliminary appraisal reports to detailed court reports.


Escapes of water caused by joints separating, pipes splitting, pipes corroding, fittings cracking or flexible hoses bursting.

Escapes of water from pumped water distribution systems in residential apartment blocks, hotels and commercial buildings.

 Escapes of water, oil or gas from storage tanks and storage vessels.

Escapes of water, oil or gas from buried pipelines made from cast iron, plastic, steel or copper, for example.

Escapes of water from commercial or domestic fire sprinkler systems.

Escapes of industrial fluids, chemicals and gases from process pipelines and vessels.