About Us

HFI applies its expertise in forensic Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering to the independent and impartial investigation of the cause and circumstances of a wide range of incidents and failures, including the provision of Expert Witness evidence.

Our approach

HFI prides itself on providing accurate, well researched, objective and impartial technical advice that is clear and concise.

HFI is client-centred. We tailor every investigation to meet the specific requirements of our client and we jointly agree the scope of the work to be undertaken before we start. 

Whether offering preliminary verbal or email advice, a letter report, a detailed formal report or a court report, we work to be cost-effective, open and transparent in our approach and what we do.

We have open discussions with our clients to ensure that timely advice is given to progress claims and to meet required deadlines.

As every investigation is unique, we encourage potential clients who may be unsure if HFI can assist to call us to discuss their requirements informally and confidentially without commitment.

If we cannot assist, then we can often point you to an expert in the appropriate field who can. We are always happy to help.

What we offer

HFI can undertake a wide range of activities as part of an investigation, which include:

Scene inspections, including the identification, recording, preservation and retention of evidence

Review and consideration of documents and photographs taken by others

Laboratory based examination and testing of retained physical evidence

 Objective and critical reviews of other expert’s reports

Joint inspections and testing with other experts

Reconstructions and bespoke mechanical testing

Technical research and enquiries

Preliminary verbal or written advice

Letter or formal reports, including court reports